8.30am: Junior B Ch/ship:    I McKinnon v I Cundall Junior A Ch/ship:    S Yellowlees v R Petrie
8.48am:  Int/Med Ch/ship:    C Mansell v J Hosking
8.54am:  BronzeA Ch/ship:    S Griffiths v D Trnjanin
9.00am:  Silver Ch/ship:         K Fogarty v J Hosking
9.06am:  Senior Ch/ship:        D Moriarty v A Hamilton

10.40am: Bronze Plate:            M Anngow v J Cassidy

10.50am: Bronze B Ch/ship:   L Badger v L Garven
11.00am: Junior B Plate:          R McQuillan v R Holland
11.06am: Junior A Plate:          R Howaniec v J Black
11.12am: Int/Med Plate:           N Burns v G English
11.18am: Senior Plate:              S Davies v R Downes

MEN:- Championship and Plate Semi Finals

SATURDAY 28 October No 1 tee
11.30am P McAllister D Moriarty M Berry A Hamilton
11.38am T Willis C Mansell G Raharaha J Hosking
11.46am L Piggott S Yellowlees D Hogwood R Petrie
11.54am E McIver I McKinnon I Cundall T Shepherd
12.04pm Ron Adams S Davies R Downes C East
12.12pm G Moore N Burns G English K Allan
12.20pm R Howaniec M Dillon M Cole J Black
12.28pm R McQuillan B Pitt R Holland  M Fuller


MEN:- Championship Round 2 and Plate Round 1

SATURDAY 14 October No 1 tee
11.30am Ryan Adams P McAllister J Joseph D Moriarty
11.38am B Ford M Berry R Christison A Hamilton
11.46am S Yellowlees G McGeddie M McMillan C Mansell
11.54am A Gilmore G Raharaha S Mansell J Hosking
12.04pm D Hogwood E Thomson A Randle R Petrie
12.12pm P Holland E McIver I McKinnon J Lindesay
12.20pm I Cundall S Tindall T Shepherd G Stringer
PLATE No 10 Tee
11.38am G Bell B Pitt R McQuillan Bye
1146am R Howaniec P Mitchell J Tiweka M Dillon
11.54am M Cole P Tidball R Amer J Black
12.04pm R Holland S Regan M Fuller S Staines
28 October  Senior Intermediate Semis


Championship Match Play Round 1

SATURDAY 7 October – TEE TIME DRAW – No 1 tee and No 10 Tee
1    11.30am Ron Adams P McAllister S Davies J Joseph
11.38am R Downes M Berry R Christison C East
11.46am T Willis G Moore N Burns M McMillan
11.54am G English G Raharaha S Mansell K Allan
12:04pm P Mitchell I Smith R Howaniec L Piggott
12:12pm S Yellowlees J Tiweka G McGeddie M Dillon
12:20pm P Tidball D Hogwood M Cole E Thomson
12:28pm R Amer A Randle J Black R Petrie
10 11:38am R McQuillan P Holland L Lloyd E McIver
11:46am  I McKinnon G Bell B Pitt J Lindesay
11:54am I Cundall R Holland S Regan S Tindall
12:04pm T Shepherd M Fuller G Stringer S Staines



Friday 18 August #1 Tee

R Holland v P Brownlee



MEN:- EVANS CUP Semi Finals

SATURDAY 12 August– No 1 tee
11.30am J Lindesay R Holland R McQuillan P Brownlee




SATURDAY 15 July– No 1 tee
11.30am J Lindesay S Tindall G Stringer B Fuller
11.38am R Christison B East R Holland A Hamilton
11.46am J Hosking R McQuillan L Adams P McAllister
11.54 B Carroll T Melrose P Brownlee R Griffith



MENS Yellowlees Memorial Trophy FINAL

SATURDAY 1 July– No 1 tee
11.30am M Aubrey N Guest T Whitaker T Shepherd



MENS Yellowlees Memorial Trophy Semi Finals

SATURDAY 10 June DRAW – No 1 tee
11.30am S Staines T Inwood T Whitaker T Shepherd
11.38am M Aubrey N Guest M McRandle S Davies